Père Émilien Tardif
Padre Emiliano Tardif

Viajero de Dios


Vassula Ryden

Father Tardif gave no endorsement to Vassula. 


 Father Emilien Tardif (1928-1999) - the well-known French Canadian preacher of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and for many years a missionary in Latin America - is often mentioned as having recognized Vassula's "charisma". This statement is based on an interview given by Father Tardif to the Italian journalist Marino Parodi and published in the magazine Il Segno del Soprannaturale (October 1996). The interview has been reproduced on several websites promoting the seer's case (1).
When the interview was published for the first time in 1996, Father François-Marie Dermine o.p., author of a critical analysis of Vassula's writings (2), contacted his compatriot Father Tardif. The words which had been attributed to Father Tardif in the interview seemed strange. They were not consistent with the opinion he had voiced on Vassula’s writings to Father Dermine in a previous meeting. Father Tardif gave no endorsement to Vassula.


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