Père Émilien Tardif
Padre Emiliano Tardif

Viajero de Dios

Émilien Tardif was born in Saint-Zacharie

 The church where the father EmilienTardif was batized
The new Church of St-Sacharie  

Émilien Tardif was born in Saint-Zacharie, in Beauce in Quebec on June 6th, 1928. It very early had the vocation following the sermon of the father St-Georges Groleau, missionary in Japan. In 1940, at the 12 years age, he moves with Rapid-Danseur (Quebec). Very early it made a dream in which it taught an huge crowd and cured men in the name of Jesus. It then decided to be a preacher. It enters to the apostolic school of Beauport in 1949, school of the community Missionnaires of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The church of Rapide Danseur

Dominican Republic

June 24th, 1955 it is ordered priest with Rapid-Dancer. He leaves on September 16th of the following year in Dominican Republic where he becomes professor with the Seminar of San Jose de Las Subdued until 1963. From 1959 to 1963 it founds and directs a review which always appears Amigo del Hogar (Friendly of the Hearth). From 1966 to 1973, he becomes the superior of the congregation in Dominican Republic and in 1971 he is the provincial administrator of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. He takes part in many projects which are carried out like a center vocationnel, a seminar, vaults of the centers of human promotion, catechesis as well as the Curcillos movement.


In 1973, Émilien Tardif falls seriously sick from a acute Tuberculose, it is repatriated in urgency with the Canada in order to be neat there. He barrel cures in a miraculous way, he tells “Between the first examinations and the development of the treatment, of the friends: Mrs. Pink Catudal, her husband and their son, Rose, the sister of the father Émilien, her husband Paul-Remi Paquet, pertaining at a community of the charismatic Revival came to see me (...). These friends, come to my bedside, asked to me whether I believed sincerely that Jesus could, today still, to cure the patients as it had formerly done in Palestine (…). But, when they imposed the hands to me and said to me that they were going immediately to request Jesus to cure me with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, I were completely thrown into a panic (…) The Holy Spirit had fortunately had time to enter the room… because at the end of three days I was cured and the doctors included/understood there nothing any more. ”.

Charismatic revival

As from this moment the father Émilien Tardif starts to engage in the charismatic revival, after having asked the authorization its superiors It takes part in group of prayers and observes the first miracles which take place in particular that of Helene Lacroix. It turns over to Dominican Republic and founds a group of prayer which passes from 200 to 4000 people, in which one requests and one observes miraculous cures. From 1974 to 1985 the father is in the parishes of Nagua, Sanchez, Pimentel, Romana and of San Jose de Las Subdued giving charismatic retirements in the country but also in the whole world. Thus in 1979, a gathering of great width to Montreal is organized which joins together more: 70000 people with the Olympic stadium of Montreal, whose daily newspaper will publish in following day “Jesus king of the stage”. Emilien Tardif also goes in France to Lourdes at the time of the charismatic international pilgrimage of Lourdes, as with Paray-le-Monial where he likes to request with the Community of Emmanuel. Thus cures occurred, the Tardif father affirmed: “Sick, he said, you are right to ask the Lord to be cured, one should not be afraid of the love of Jesus, of the abundance of his love”, but also “It is true, all the patients are not cured. Why Jesus, in his time, didn't he cure all the patients whom it came across? It is there a mystery of its love. If Jesus does not cure, they is that it undoubtedly has another plan for us, more marvellous still: to link our physical suffering with its suffering rédemptrice. And in this case, other brothers profit from the fruits from our disease, lived in serenity and the joy. ”.

November 28th, 1982 it founds the community of laic “ the Servants of Christ Living ” and as from 1985 its community releases it from the parochial ministry in order to devote itself completely to the lesson and its ministry of cure.

Émilien Tardif évangélisé in more than 72 countries. He dies on June 8th, 1999, whereas he preached a retirement with Cordoba in Argentina.

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